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Don’t Let Your Criminal Record Get In Your Way

Having a criminal record impacts your life in many ways. Many people with criminal records face hardships not faced by the general public due to their past, and these hardships are often very difficult for the individual to deal with on their own. Luckily, there are legal steps that can be taken to lessen these problems, including the sealing and expunging of records. 

One way we can remove your criminal charge from the public is to have those records sealed. When your record is sealed, it is no longer available to the public. This means that when you apply for a job at a private business, they will not be able to see the sealed record. Having your records sealed can greatly affect your ability to get a job. However, if you plan on applying for a job with the federal government, sealing your records will not be enough. The government can still see any sealed records, and this can impact your employment opportunities.

If you are planning to work for the federal government, expunging your records is the best way to go. When records are expunged, the State of Florida will keep a single copy, and that copy is only accessible with a court order. Any government agencies with access to your sealed records will only be able to see that the record has been expunged. They cannot see what is in the record though, which can greatly increase your odds of employment. 

Sealing or expunging records can greatly impact your career opportunities after a criminal conviction. Esposito Law Firm can walk through your criminal history and figure out the best course of action for you to take, and get you the help you need to handle your criminal history.

Don’t let your past hold you back. Call Esposito Law Firm, and let us get your records taken care of. We have a team of experienced attorneys that have the knowledge and skill to get your records taken care of as soon as possible. Call us today!

U.S. and Florida Car Crash Statistics

When it comes to car crash statistics, it can be helpful to know the statistics for your area. It can also be helpful to know the accident rates for a town you plan to be visiting. Esposito Law Firm, P. A.  advises everyone to practice defensive driving, but extra knowledge is always helpful. Most states have their traffic statistics available on the internet. The simple fact is that some places have fewer crashes, due to a less dense population, better driving education, or easier driving conditions on the road. 

More and more people receive their driver’s licenses every year. With more drivers on the road, one would assume that the number of car crashes would go up as well. Surprisingly, the number of injured people and traffic fatalities have gone down since 2017. The number of crashes has gone up, indicating that advancements in motor vehicle safety are paying off. 

For Florida, crashes have been on the rise. In 2017, however, the number of fatalities went down. The number of accidents is largely due to the rapid rise in population. This coupled with the booming tourism industry has made Florida one of the highest-risk states for motor vehicle accidents. The decrease in fatalities certainly shows safer driving as well as improved safety features in automobiles. However, even the safest vehicles and drivers are not immune to driving accidents. If you end up involved in an accident, make sure you call Esposito Law Firm, P. A.. We will fight tirelessly on your behalf to protect your rights.    

Esposito Law Firm, P. A. always recommends defensive driving to protect from accidents, as well as using a seatbelt and avoiding cell phones and alcohol while driving. If you are ever involved in an accident, however, contact our offices for legal representation and just compensation.

Four Tips To Teach Your Kids About Defensive Driving

As the parent of a teen driver, it is imperative that you teach your child good driving habits. Defensive driving can go a long way to keep your child safe on the road. Young drivers can be very expensive when it comes to insurance, and if they’re involved in an accident, your insurance premiums could skyrocket. Esposito Law Firm P. A. cares about our customers, and avoiding car accidents is good for your health as well as your finances. There are a few tips we recommend teaching your young drivers to keep them safer on the road.

Patience is a virtue and courtesy could save a life. Your teen should know that some drivers are simply rude. People will cut them off and break traffic rules and there isn’t anything they can do about it. They should know that it’s never safe to tailgate or drive aggressively to prove a point. In road rage incidents, everyone loses, and your teen should be taught to avoid this behavior. Taking a deep breath and letting things go are not only valuable life skills but could save your teen’s life on the road.

Your teen should also stay aware of their surroundings at all times. Things happen very quickly on the road and split-second decisions can make all the difference. It is vital that your teen knows to stay aware of everything happening on the road. This includes everything up to twenty feet in front of them as well as everything happening behind them. Teach your teen to check their mirrors and blind spots often. General awareness is very important on the roadway.

You should also make sure to practice emergency stops with your teen. This is especially important if your teen drives an older vehicle without anti-lock brakes. Know your vehicle’s brakes, and practice stopping the correct way. Incidents occur on the roadway that requires quick stops, and the more your teen understands how to stop quickly and safely, the safer they’ll be on the road. 

Finally, it is important to check your habits and those of your teen. Make sure that they do the simple things to help other drivers. Make sure they know to signal, how to merge, not to race yellow lights, and to avoid distractions such as cell phones. These minor details could make all the difference for your teenage driver. 

If your teen is involved in an accident, call Esposito Law Firm, P. A. as soon as possible. We will help represent them and ensure they receive fair compensation or a just court case.

Three Things You Need To Know If You’re Arrested For A Drug Crime

Drug crimes can be a very serious matter. Those convicted of drug crimes can often face legal and social issues that last a lifetime. There are many factors that go into an individual being charged with a drug crime, and knowing what to do when you’re arrested can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. 

The three most important things to know if you’re arrested for a drug crime are your rights, the charges associated with the crime committed, and how to properly protect your rights.

If you are arrested for a drug crime, it is important that you know your rights. You don’t have to answer any questions that the police ask you. Once you’ve given the officer your name and address, you may politely inform them that you will not answer any more questions. Police officers are trained to extract information from those accused of a crime, and anything you say will certainly be used against you in court. It is best to not answer any questions rather than to risk misspeaking and incriminating yourself. It is also important to note that the prosecution must be able to prove that the accused had knowledge of the substance, and if you’re being charged with intent to sell, they must prove without a doubt your intent to sell. If they can’t prove these things without a reasonable doubt, your charges should be dropped. 

It is also vitally important to know what crime was committed, and whether or not you committed a crime. If you are in the car with someone in possession of drugs and they don’t claim them, you may be held liable. The best way to keep this from happening is to cooperate with the police to the best of your ability. You should also be aware of the charges against you. There is a difference between possession and possession with intent to sell, and that distinction is important. However, one of the most important factors in your drug crimes case is your legal representation. 

Call Esposito Law Firm, P. A. if you’re charged with a drug crime, and we’ll fight tirelessly to protect your rights. We believe that every individual deserves the best representation regardless of the crime for which they were charged. You are worthy of the best legal care, and Esposito Law Firm can provide that care. Contact us today for more information.

Florida Is A “No Fault” State, But What Does That Mean?

Florida drivers hear the phrase “no-fault state” frequently, but many don’t know exactly what that means. This knowledge is very important to anyone driving in Florida, as it greatly affects the aftermath of a car accident. Florida’s no-fault law means that both parties involved in a car accident depend on their insurance companies to file claims. This is the case regardless of who is at fault in the event of a car accident. This is why all Florida drivers must have personal injury protection insurance, and why reporting the accident to the insurance company is so vitally important to your case. Personal injury protection insurance covers medical expenses and lost wages. It also covers child care for everyone in the vehicle at the time of the accident. 

What this means for Florida drivers is that they can more easily seek medical attention, without having to jump through any unnecessary hoops. This means that Florida drivers don’t have to worry about a lawsuit to cover immediate medical expenses in the event of a car accident. 

Your personal injury protection coverage can also cover any passengers involved in the accident. 

Even though no-fault law protects all Florida drivers, it is still important to make a detailed account of the accident. If your injuries are severe or lead to permanent disability, you may be able to file a claim. You, as well as any passengers involved, are advised to call contact an attorney if you have any severe injuries. Florida drivers are very well protected already, but the no-fault law can’t always cover everything, so call Esposito Law Firm, P. A. if you are involved in an accident.

Florida’s no-fault law will only cover so much of your medical expenses, and if your injuries are severe enough, a personal injury claim may be the best option for you. Here at Esposito Law Firm, P. A., we care about protecting the rights of those involved in any car accident. Don’t foot the bill for someone else’s poor driving. Call Esposito Law Firm P. A. today to make sure your rights are protected.

What To Do Immediately After A Car Crash

Car accidents are unfortunately very common in the United States. People that find themselves involved in an accident can often be very unsure of what to do after the accident. At Esposito Law Firm, P. A., we believe that every driver should know what steps to follow immediately following a car accident. If you don’t make the right decisions after an accident, it could end up costing you big time. 

The first step you must take after any accident is to stop your vehicle. You need to get off of the road if possible, and take all possible steps to protect the scene of the accident. Once you know the area is safe, call the police immediately, and do not move your vehicle unless it is in the way of traffic. Once the police arrive, make sure to answer every question as accurately as possible. Avoid guessing if you are unsure. Simply tell the officer that you aren’t sure of the answer. If you think you may be injured, or even if you aren’t sure, make sure you seek medical attention. In many cases, the injuries from car accidents are not noticeable until hours later.

Most people have cell phones equipped with cameras, and Esposito Law Firm, P. A. recommends taking pictures of the accident and the surrounding areas. It is also vital that you get the information of all drivers involved, as well as any witnesses. This information can be given to police and to your attorney to better protect your interests. If the police respond and get this information, they will provide a number to get the police report. All details matter to your case. 

You should also report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible, and cooperate to the best of your ability. Some accident coverage includes medical expenses and can be easier to get with immediate reporting and full cooperation. 

The last step you should take is to call Esposito Law Firm, P. A. and seek representation immediately. Our highly experienced team will go to great lengths to protect your rights. Call us today for more information.

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