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Physical and Mental Effects Of A Car Crash

Car crashes are very scary events and can wreak havoc on anyone’s life. Car crashes can cause many physical injuries due to the speed of most vehicles that are involved in crashes. Physical injuries aren’t always immediately apparent and can come up weeks after the crash. Crashes can also cause serious emotional distress and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If you find yourself in a car crash, call Esposito Law Firm We can help you weather the physical and emotional traumas of car crashes by helping you gain financial compensation.

Motor vehicle accidents, among other unintentional injuries, were the third-leading cause of death in Hillsborough county in 2018. When accidents aren’t deadly, they can break bones, rupture organs, cause brain damage, and a long list of other injuries. Any of these injuries can cause hardships such as loss of wages, loss of employment, disrupted social life, and many others. Many brain injuries associated with car accidents can severely impact your life or the lives of your loved ones. 

The emotional turmoil that can accompany a car crash can be even more difficult to deal with than the physical injuries. Car crashes can leave victims feeling guilty, angry, and afraid. Car crashes can severely impact your ability to earn income, as well as maintain relationships and a social life. The emotional pain caused by a car accident can often require therapy and even medication for the victim to get through the day. It is not uncommon for those involved in severe accidents to suffer from PTSD, especially if someone else in the vehicle lost their life. 

Dealing with this trauma should not fall onto your shoulders alone. The costs of emotional and physical therapy can be compensated in court, as well as ant medical bills. Don’t deal with these hardships alone. Call Esposito Law Firm today, and talk with a seasoned legal professional that can straighten everything out and get you the compensation you deserve. Let us help you get the compensation you deserve.