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Dogs are animals that everyone sees on a daily. Most of the time, these fun pets are as friendly as can be. However, there are instances where some resort to aggressive behavior. This anger can lead to injury on your part. You need a Tampa Bay Dog Bite Attorney.

If you suffer from a dog bite, you need a dog bite attorney in Tampa to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Few victims receive what they need for canine-related injuries each year. Our office can help you beat that statistic and earn money for the damage.

Here at Esposito Law Firm, our priority is client satisfaction. We will take on your case with compassion and dedication, regardless of the severity. Our goal is to provide you with the personal attention that will provide you with a successful suit.

Our dog bite attorneys can help you with dog bite cases in Tampa. If you are the victim of a canine, ensure you take legal action. Our dog bite attorney in Tampa will help you get where you need to be with your injury.

The value of your case depends on the details involved. The facts of your case – including the severity of the wound, injuries caused, and loss of assets – can increase the value. Another item that can increase the amount is the experience of your Tampa Bay Dog Bite Attorney.

Some items in a dog bite case that you can receive compensation for include:

  • Hospital bills
  • Other medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering, which can be physical and mental
  • Lost income

You can also make a claim for punitive damages to deter the same behavior from the dog in the future.

Many factors can impact the value of your case in a dog bite settlement. Contact our dog bite attorney in Tampa to receive a free consultation on the potential value of your suit. Ensure you have all vital information together to state your claim as clearly as possible.

When filing a dog bite suit for compensation, there are some actions you need to take to ensure you get the proper funds you need. 

If you think a dog bite suit is your best course of action after you receive medical attention, you should:

  • Find the name of the owner, the dog, their addresses, and any other information that may be of value to you
  • Take a photograph of your injury to provide a visual record for the court
  • File a report with your municipal government
  • Research other potential incidents the dog may have been involved with
  • Keep a record of your treatments, trauma, and the impact of the bite

These measures will prepare you to win your suit.

After all of this is done, you can contact our dog bite attorney in Tampa to assist you in moving forward. They will take your information and help you establish liability in your case. All of this information will help to ensure you receive the valuable compensation you deserve.

Many things can cause a canine to lash out. If it is out of your control, you have a suit on your hands. If not, you may not be able to receive compensation for your injuries.

Some reasons why a dog might cause injury to a human being include:

  • It feels threatened in some way, whether intentional or not
  • It was trained to be aggressive
  • It has been attacked or abused
  • It is hurt in some way
  • It is rabid

These items might cause a dog to lash out and injure a person, though there are other potential reasons a canine might harm a human being.

If you are unsure whether your injury is worth pursuing compensation, contact our dog bite attorney in Tampa for a free consultation. They can help you determine the next steps and decide if you can receive financial assistance.

Many types of dog bite injuries vary in severity. Your case can be impacted by the wound given by the dog, as permanent or long-lasting damage can differ.

Some examples of wounds a dog bite might inflict includes:

  • Puncture wounds
  • Broken bones
  • Head and Neck Injuries
  • Nerve Damage
  • PTSD
  • Rabies
  • Scars
  • Eye Injuries

All of these can come from an attack by a canine. Some are more long-lasting than others, but all are traumatizing and unnecessary for any person.

Every case concerning a dog bite will be unique. If you were injured while attempting to defend yourself, our dog bite attorney in Tampa can help you pursue the money you deserve. 

Here at Esposito Law Firm, we can provide you with a dog bite attorney in Tampa that can take care of your needs and assist you during your case. You deserve compensation for your injuries. Less than 1% of victims receive or win financial support in dog bite cases. We aim to change that and provide help to those who reach out to our team.

Our experienced attorneys know what they are doing. They can shorten the time it takes to deal with the legal process and get your life back to normal as soon as possible. Rather than drag out this confusing endeavor, contact us to assist you in taking on legal action.

Dealing with a dog bite can be a scary and trying process. With a Tampa Bay dog bite attorney, you can get the help you need efficiently and helpfully. An attorney will ensure you get the compensation you deserve in an efficient and classy manner.

Contact us today on our office line at (877) ESPO-LAW or dial our cell at (813) 992-HURT. You can also reach us by fax at (877) 569-1777 or email We offer same-day appointments and free consultation 24/7. Reach out to Esposito law firm for your dog bite attorney needs for client satisfaction you can count on no matter what.

Eighteen-wheeler trucks are a very big part of driving on any major roadway, and the owners of these very big vehicles don’t always maintain them properly. Some common maintenance issues include issues with the brakes; old, worn-out tires; and improperly aligned trailers. Poor maintenance of such a large piece of equipment can sadly lead to injury and even death for other drivers on the road.
It is scary enough on the roads already without needing to worry about a poorly-maintained 18-wheeler. However, there are a plethora of issues that could lead to a potential life-ending accident on the road. In addition to maintenance issues, negligence by the truck drivers is very common. Drivers often work seven days a week and for long hours continually. While there are laws that dictate how long they can work, these regulations are often disregarded, leading to driver fatigue. One loss of concentration on the part of the driver of an 18-wheeler can lead to severe injury and loss of life. If you find yourself a victim of negligence by a truck driver or trucking company, please call Esposito Law Firm P.A. immediately.
As trucking traffic in the Tampa area increases, as do your odds of being involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle due to maintenance issues or driver negligence. Esposito Law Firm P.A. seeks to help those involved in the awful accidents get the compensation that the insurance company wants to keep from them.

If you or a loved one are involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler or another commercial vehicle, contact Esposito Law Firm P.A. as soon as possible. The insurance company is relying on you not getting an attorney to avoid a lawsuit, but we are here to get you the medical care and financial compensation you need. 

Esposito Law Firm P.A. strongly advises those affected by 18-wheeler accidents to learn more about the rules and regulations of the commercial trucking industry. Knowledge of these laws could be vital to your case. To learn more about the laws surrounding commercial vehicles, visit  

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