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U.S. and Florida Car Crash Statistics

When it comes to car crash statistics, it can be helpful to know the statistics for your area. It can also be helpful to know the accident rates for a town you plan to be visiting. Esposito Law Firm, P. A.  advises everyone to practice defensive driving, but extra knowledge is always helpful. Most states have their traffic statistics available on the internet. The simple fact is that some places have fewer crashes, due to a less dense population, better driving education, or easier driving conditions on the road. 

More and more people receive their driver’s licenses every year. With more drivers on the road, one would assume that the number of car crashes would go up as well. Surprisingly, the number of injured people and traffic fatalities have gone down since 2017. The number of crashes has gone up, indicating that advancements in motor vehicle safety are paying off. 

For Florida, crashes have been on the rise. In 2017, however, the number of fatalities went down. The number of accidents is largely due to the rapid rise in population. This coupled with the booming tourism industry has made Florida one of the highest-risk states for motor vehicle accidents. The decrease in fatalities certainly shows safer driving as well as improved safety features in automobiles. However, even the safest vehicles and drivers are not immune to driving accidents. If you end up involved in an accident, make sure you call Esposito Law Firm, P. A.. We will fight tirelessly on your behalf to protect your rights.    

Esposito Law Firm, P. A. always recommends defensive driving to protect from accidents, as well as using a seatbelt and avoiding cell phones and alcohol while driving. If you are ever involved in an accident, however, contact our offices for legal representation and just compensation.