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What You Need To Know About Florida Marijuana Laws

Florida has historically been in-line as a no-tolerance state against marijuana use. However, over the past several years Florida has taken steps in a more marijuana-friendly direction. For example, the state has adopted several laws to allow the medical use of the drug, and some are even pushing for recreational legalization in the upcoming years. 

Esposito Law Firm wants you to know the facts about marijuana laws in Florida. With recreational drug use on the rise, it is important to know your rights. 

Florida is known for having some of the strictest marijuana laws in the country. That being said, user amounts of marijuana don’t carry a heavy toll. In Florida, having less than 20 grams of marijuana on your person is considered a misdemeanor, punishable by a year in jail, or a $1,000 fine. This can sometimes be reduced with proper legal representation. 

Judges rarely want to clog up the system with casual users. There aren’t even mandatory minimums for marijuana crimes until you have 25 pounds or more on you. When it comes to marijuana plants, Florida is even more lenient. With no mandatory minimums for fewer than 300 plants, proper legal representation can do a lot for you. 

More concentrated forms of marijuana carry a harsher penalty than the plant itself. If you are caught with a concentrate of any kind, you could be stuck with a $5,000 fine or five years in jail. These crimes do not carry the mandatory minimums that large amounts of the plant do, so the quality representation at Esposito Law Firm will go a long way to reduce your sentence. 

If you are a user of marijuana, you may advocate for the recreational legalization of the drug. However, it is still illegal under Florida state law and can get you into severe legal trouble if you are caught. However, we at Esposito Law Firm believe that you deserve a fighting chance. If you are caught with marijuana on you, call Esposito Law Firm as soon as you can.