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Drowsy Drivers: A Leading Cause of Auto Accidents

Driving is something many people take for granted. We tend to ignore just how dangerous the act of driving is. Cars can be unpredictable, and so can the drivers on the road with you. This can lead to disaster in a mere instant. Driving requires great focus and even a moment without focus can lead to injury or death. One of the leading causes of auto accidents is drowsy driving.

Being awake for extended periods of time can have the same effect on the body and mind as being intoxicated. Being awake for twenty hours can have the same effect as a blood alcohol level of 0.08%. People who have been awake for this kind of extended period have lowered reaction times, and are more likely to make poor decisions while driving, increasing their odds of being involved in an accident. 

Every year, around 100,000-300,000 drowsy driving cases are reported to the police every year. Drowsy driving costs society $109 billion every year before factoring in property damage. These numbers are especially alarming when you consider that they could be prevented by getting more sleep. 

Drowsy driving does have symptoms that the drowsy driver and/or their passengers should be aware of. Things like drifting in and out of lanes, head bobbing, missing road signs, or difficulty keeping their eyes open. These are easy signs to recognize and should be taken very seriously. These symptoms can be used by police in police reports and by a lawyer to help determine fault. If the police report does not indicate fault, it becomes the attorney’s job. 

Drowsy driving should be taken very seriously. If you feel too tired to drive, pull over. Coffee or another caffeinated beverage will also help you stay awake. However, it is very unwise to drive if you haven’t gotten adequate rest. Before you embark on our next overnight road trip, be sure to stop or share the driving demands when necessary. It could save your life.  

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