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Immediately following an accident, many people will miss days at work and incur outrageous medical bills as a result of the damages. Unfortunately, sometimes an insurance company will try to skip out on what they really owe you. You need to hire a car accident lawyer in Oldsmar.

This is where we come in. The team here at Esposito law firm., headed by Mr. Brian J. Esposito is fully prepared to represent you in a court of law if need be. As professionals with a lifetime of combined experience, we know how to squeeze the most out of these insurance companies to guarantee your out-of-pocket costs are covered. We don’t only do this – we seek to go above and beyond to earn you compensation for any future obligations you may have to miss as a result of your accident. Hire Esposito Law Firm and get a qualified car accident lawyer in Oldsmar.

Reckless Driving

We all know the feeling – seeing a distracted driver on the roads who just utterly do not care. Unfortunately, these drivers cause the majority of accidents you pass while on your commute to work. Even worse, this could literally happen to anyone at any time.

If this kind of accident should befall you, here’s what to do. First, call emergency services and get the accident documented, as well as getting any needed treatment. Document everything and contact your attorney, start building the case immediately to get the best results. Saw the perpetrator texting? Tell your legal counselor. Little details like this massively increase the likelihood of you getting a fair and reasonable payout as compensation for your troubles both medically and professionally. Hire a car accident lawyer in Oldsmar.

Intoxicated Drivers

While driving at night, you may notice the car in front of you swerving lanes with no clear motive. This could be an impaired driver. This could literally be anyone around you when you are on the road, so you must always be prepared with your legal counsel at the ready.

Since these accidents usually end up in civil and criminal court, you must be diligent and ensure you are compensated fairly – get qualified legal counsel as fast as you can.

DUI’s are one of the leading causes of death on the roads. If you or a family member have recently been involved in a DUI, you are probably not aware of the extent of compensation a qualified attorney could earn you.

Not to brag, but here at Espo, we are completely familiar with the laws surrounding DUI’s and how to handle these cases in a court of law. Feel free to reach out and schedule your consultation ASAP.

Faulty Roadways

Often, cities and their planning boards are incompetent when planning out construction. You would be surprised to see how many accidents this kind of thing can cause.

Accidents like this are easy to prove fault as the evidence is all right there. Cities and counties usually keep records of their construction and planners. If you were involved in an accident due to faulty signage or a non-present traffic guard, you are entitled to fair compensation from both the planners and the partie(s) responsible for the irregular flow of traffic. Hire a car accident lawyer in Oldsmar to help sort out the details.


Driving behind or around a semi-truck can be a scary experience, even for the most experienced drivers. The sheer weight and size of a truck that large is NOT good to be impacted with, injuries are often severe and medical bills can rack up FAST. You need qualified legal counsel behind you when attempting to receive compensation for your damages. There is no better firm in the Oldsmar area than the team at Esposito law firm. along with Brian Esposito. We have seen these cases repeatedly and look forward to awarding you with the same result we have awarded our many other clients.

If you live in the Oldsmar area and have experienced any of the situations listed above, or something similar on the roads, do not hesitate to reach out to us here at Espo and get a consultation and the proceeding appointments scheduled. We look forward to helping you recover and take back what was rightfully yours, your financial and medical security. get the help you need, hire a car accident lawyer in Oldsmar.

As we mentioned earlier, we understand what it REALLY means to be involved in a motor vehicle accident, as the full scope of the events stretches much farther than the actual accident. Many people and even some attorneys (believe it or not) fail to take into consideration the medical and professional costs one can incur when reeling from a recent auto accident on the roads. We understand and see the full scope of things and are well prepared to assist you in fighting the perpetrator in a court of law.

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