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Esposito Law Firm has your back, with a team of qualified professionals specializing in car accident law, we know how to get you the results you desire. Being involved in an accident is a fundamentally “scary” experience, hiring the right Car Accident Lawyer in Westchase may be even scarier, we aim to assist you in getting back on your feet as soon as possible.

We understand the full scope of damage a car accident can cause. From medical bills to time off work, we get it. What separates Esposito Law Firm from the other Car Accident Lawyer’s in the Westchase area is our superior knowledge of the codes and regulations surrounding accidents involving…


  • Car accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Bus crashes
  • Dog bites
  • Injuries caused by drunk driving
  • Injuries to pedestrians
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Slip/Trip and Fall
  • Trucking accidents

If you have been involved in any of these collisions and feel you have a case of some sort, do not hesitate to reach out at or through the questionnaire found on the website.

Our founder, Mr. Brian J. Esposito, is the best Car Accident Attorney in Tampa focused on getting you results.

Whether that be in litigation or in the courtroom, we know how to get it done right. Mr. Esposito is an expert in the auto accident field and understands how to build a convincing case to get you the settlement/legal justice you want. You need a car accident lawyer in Westchase.

Our firm has become a cornerstone of the Westchase auto accident scene and represents the pinnacle of integrity and grit when fighting for our clients.

What Separates Us At Esposito Law Firm?

There is a certain level of legal prowess one obtains when working in and around the industry for so many years. We feel we have obtained that skillset and are the best fit to represent you in the courtroom.

With a deeper understanding of your needs and an unmatched ability to build relationships with clients, Esposito Law Firm is becoming the star model for an auto accident firm in the Westchase area.

#1 – Driver Negligence

This is not only the most common reason for the auto collision but one of the leading causes of death on the roads.

Negligent driving ranges from texting while driving to failing to obey traffic laws and procedures.

Either way, Esposito Law Firm has your back, we specialize in the prosecution and justice-seeking process followed by a reckless/negligent driver. In the past, we have been able to award our clients with large settlements, and even more importantly, peace of mind, which is why most people hire a car accident lawyer in Westchase.

#2 DUI – Driving Under The Influence

This behavior is not only illegal but one of the leading causes of injury and death on the roads.

Accidents of this manor could easily lead to hospitalization, racking up thousands in medical bills, we aim to ease this burden from you with our tried and true tactics in settlement litigation.

While a DUI-related crash is truly unfortunate for everyone involved, we aim to best support you. Our procedures mandate that we represent you with ferocity and poise, in order to get you the reparations you deserve.

#3 – Semi-Truck related accidents

With several major roads and highways running through the Westchase area, we have observed the rising number of semi-truck collisions on the roads.

We feel that we are one of the better-prepared firms to deal with this type of issue as we understand the full scope of work involved when going after a semi-trucking company.

Not only can you go after the driver for any potential damages involved, but the company they were driving for. This can often mean major settlements to cover you for any damages. As any kind of collision with a semi-truck will most likely total your car or vehicle.

#4 – Motorcycle Accidents

One of the most dangerous vehicles to operate on the roads is the personal motorbike. This mode of transportation offers little protection against the elements and any potential collisions with other drivers.

At Esposito Law Firm, we understand the dangers and risks attached to operating a motorbike/motorcycle and are totally prepared to represent you in a court of law should the time come. We are familiar with the laws and regulations surrounding motorcycles and feel confident that we can award you sufficient financial/personal compensation.

Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer in Westchase.

When searching for a qualified car accident lawyer in Westchase, whether it be for personal injury or car accident law, reach out to our experts at Esposito Law Firm.

Mr. Esposito would love to review your case and see what he can do for you.

And remember… when in doubt… CALL ESPO at 877-ESPO-LAW

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