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You should be seeking out qualified legal representation to get you the reparations you deserve, whether that be financial or legal. Hire a car accident lawyer in Wesley Chapel. We here at Espo Law Firm, headed by top-tier Wesley Chapel area car accident attorney Brian Esposito, understands what it means to be involved in an auto accident and all of the baggage that comes after the fact as far as medical and emergency bills go.

Insurance provider refusing to reimburse you? Let us get you the funds you need. One of the more common issues drivers have is post-accident when the insurance provider backs down and shells out as little money as possible. We here at Espo understand how to fight this and get you the proper payment that considers all costs incurred and addresses any future costs coming down the pipeline.

What Are The Common Reasons For Auto-Accidents In The Wesley Chapel Area?

Surrounded by some of the largest highways in the state, Wesley Chapel is often flooded with semi-trucks and high-end freighters. Oftentimes, this can lead to an increased number of accidents on our highways. We are completely familiar with the traffic laws and are prepared to represent you, should you be involved in an accident with one of these trucks. Hire a qualified car accident lawyer in Wesley Chapel.

Oftentimes, these trucks are backed by corporations contracting them to make the trip and WILL take you to court rather than a payout. We understand these tactics and know-how to negotiate a preferable settlement for you.

Intoxicated Driving

DUI’s are serious but not as serious as a potential injury or death caused by their reckless and impaired driving. When you have been in an accident with an impaired driver, the case will likely be taken in criminal and civil court, this can be a long and drawn-out process, but you must trust your counsel and trust that justice will be served to all parties involved.

If you have been involved in an accident with a drunk or impaired driver, reach out to us here at Esposito law firm for a consultation and evaluation on your case, we feel confident that we can reach proper reparations for anyone involved in one of these accidents within the Wesley Chapel area. It is always best to hire locally and do your research when looking for a car accident lawyer in Wesley Chapel.

Highway Traffic

All residents of the Wesley Chapel area know how hectic the roads et in the morning as some of the smaller, more rural cities feed into Wesley for the workday. This can lead to a significant increase in auto-related accidents. These types of accidents are common and often lead to time missed from work and hefty medical bills, there are several ways to go after and justify these costs, we here at Espo are familiar with nearly all of them and understand what is in this sort of accident really means for you and your day to day life.

What To Do If You Are In An Accident In The Wesley Chapel Area?

Post-accident contact emergency services and get the event documented, this helps us represent you immensely in court.  After this, contact your attorney and schedule a consultation to go over all of the damages incurred and what this will end up costing you when it’s all said and done. After you have taken these 2 initial steps, you are ready to move forward with your case. If you have been involved in any sort of accident in the Wesley Chapel area consider reaching out to Mr. Esposito and the team here at Esposito law firm. to get your case moving.

What Can You Expect After Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer in Wesley Chapel?

You can expect that any and all of your medical costs incurred will be fought for entirely. We understand how soul-crushing it can be to be involved in an accident and be responsible for paying off a gigantic medical bill.

Any time you were forced to miss work will also be fought as repayment for damages. Losing out on a few paychecks can seriously set you back financially. We will push to repay all of the time missed from work as a result of your accident. This financial solution is the number one thing we hear from clients as a result of their accident – your labor is valuable and an accident shouldn’t keep you from collecting your earned income.

After we have resolved your initial case, you can expect to have a reputable firm behind you for any future accidents you may be involved in. Repeat customers do happen, and they are often satisfied with their results for a second time. The process of sifting through the massive amount of car accident attorneys in the Wesley Chapel area is grueling, we wouldn’t want you to have to go through it several times. When you join up with us here at Esposito law firm., we are with you for any future incidents that may pop up. Hire us today, your local car accident lawyer in Wesley Chapel.

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