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Hire a car accident lawyer in Town ‘n’ Country and look no further than Esposito Law, headed by Mr. Brian J. Esposito. We have extensive traffic-related legal knowledge about YOUR area and want to work with you. We offer same-day legal consultations and appointments and look to work with your schedule, whatever it may be! The qualified car accident attorneys at Esposito Law have serviced the Town ‘n’ Country area for years and know what to look for when attempting to win cases. So, if you feel as if you have been wronged in an auto-related accident, do not hesitate to schedule your FREE consultation now.

When shopping for legal counsel, know that you picked the best. We can confidently say that we are prepared to represent nearly all forms of car accidents in the Town ‘n’ Country community. Our clients speak for themselves; we have awarded life-changing settlements and received due justice for all of our clients.

Here’s what to look for in a Town ‘n’ Country car accident attorney…

When seeking out legal counsel, you should keep a few things in mind.

1. Pick the team that best connects with you.

With a personable staff that looks to comfort and soothe, there is no office more understanding of trauma than the offices of Esposito Law. We understand what you may be going through in such a time of crisis and look to resolve whatever issue is plaguing you and get you back out there on your feet.

2. Choose a firm with a proven track record.

Second to none in the Town ‘n’ Country area, Mr. Esposito has represented countless clients in the community and left all with a warm taste of success and victory. This is achieved through a deep-rooted connection to county codes and traffic laws, ensuring that your representation is always pursuing the best avenue possible.

3. Go with someone who understands the FULL extent of an accident.

Unfortunately, many car accident settlements end in dissatisfaction as the amount awarded is insufficient to cover medical expenses and time missed from work. We understand the full scope of what it means to be involved in an accident and constantly work to make sure you are awarded with the full amount needed to cover every single cost you incur.

While no one wants to be in a car accident, it’s important to know the most common kinds of car accidents in Tampa. That way you can learn what to watch for and how to avoid these accidents while you’re on the road, reducing the chance that you’ll ever be in a bad accident. 

Here are some of the most common types of accidents in Tampa, and why they happen. 

1. Distracted driving

Too many residents of the Town ‘n’ Country area have fallen victim to drunk and impaired drivers. These are often the accidents that cause the most fatalities and leave the victims with the highest costs. 

These cases often end up in criminal and civil court and drag out for long periods of time. Luckily, the team here at Esposito Law is with you for the long haul. We are prepared to comfort you through every step of the process, all the way until we award you with the proper compensation to cover all of your costs.

3. Semi-Truck accidents

Being that they are some of the largest (and most dangerous) trucks on the road. Large freighter trucks are responsible for a significant portion of highway accidents in the Town ‘n’ Country area. Cases involving semi-trucks are tricky, as they are often hauling for a company that does not want to payout. We understand this and have extensive experience in making these corporations payout. We look to hold the driver, and the company responsible for all of the caused damages, to ensure you are paid out at a satisfactory level.

In summary, here is what we covered…

As a resident of the Town ‘n’ Country area, you need qualified legal representation to represent you in the unfortunate case you end up in a car accident. Esposito Law is a firm with both integrity and pride and looks to award you with full compensation. What does a full compensation look like? This includes funds for any time missed from work or school, as well as the necessary means to cover all of your medical and therapy-related costs. We also talked about the common causes for accidents in the Town ‘n’ Country area. Unfortunately, these accidents happen more frequently than we would like, but we are here to help and assist nonetheless. When considering all of the above as a Town ‘n’ Country resident, know that consultations at our firm are free and available to anyone, so consider scheduling one today at your earliest convenience.

While we hope you never have to deal with a car accident in Tampa, we also want to make sure you’re prepared if you are ever involved in one. Taking these steps right after an accident can help your recovery and let you get back to normal life that much faster after an accident. 

Of course, all of these steps should be taken after you’ve been seen by qualified medical professionals if needed. Once you’re home and starting on the road to recovery, here’s what you should do. 

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