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Heading into St. Petersburg always makes for a fun time. Being that this area is so heavily commuted, auto-related accidents are bound to happen. If this unfortunate event should ever behold you, you are going to want to follow a few key steps to ensure you are paid to the fullest extent by hiring a Car Accident Lawyer in the St Petersburg area.

The first thing you should do after being involved in an auto collision is contacting emergency services, this ensures that the accident is documented and any injuries are tended to in full. If possible, document everything during this process – you will see the importance of this shortly.

After the initial event is done and taken care of, you should begin searching for qualified legal representation. Here’s what to look for when selecting your legal counselor…

Prior Experience In Your Accident Type

When selecting representation, nothing is more important than seeing that your selected counselor has a history of complete success when dealing with cases similar to yours. You can often see their prior settlements on their website and the dollar amount they were able to award their client when everything was said and done. Using their own website may be slightly skewed in their favor. To gather a better picture for their representation among clients, find the verified reviews and ensure that the work was done to your liking.

When involved in an auto accident, lesser experienced attorneys will often under-assume your costs as a victim. We here at Esposito law firm. understand ALL of the expenses involved with the process of being in an accident. This ranges from medical bills to pay missed wages while out of work and recovering from the accident. We know to assess the full scope and scale of the damages caused by the accident and what this will do to you personally. This is why you need to hire a car accident lawyer in St Petersburg. We work with this information to represent you to the fullest and ensure you are compensated to an above adequate level for all of your troubles.

The aftermath of being involved in an auto accident is far greater than just the financial and medical deposit this could put you in. The mental stress and degradation can last months as you reel from this disaster. You need legal representation that understands this kind of pain and looks forward to helping you climb out of it. Nowhere is this better exemplified than with the team here at Esposito law firm.. As people who have seen this more than a few times, we feel qualified to help you move through this trying time in your life.

Now that you have an idea of what to look for in your legal counsel, let’s talk about some of the common reasons for accidents in the St. Petersburg area…

Distracted Drivers

Driver negligence is something we all see on the roads. These drivers are some of the primary reasons for the majority of simple collisions on the road. Causes of this type of negligence can be texting while driving, sleepy driving, intoxicated driving, and a lack of driver competence.

If you have been involved in a collision with a distracted driver, ensure that the responding authorities are made aware of this to begin laying the foundation for your case. Bring this information to your attorney to determine your next steps.

Proving driver negligence is difficult for the average attorney.

As a firm that consistently has been able to do this, Esposito law firm. is fully prepared to represent you and collect compensation on your behalf. If you have recently been involved in a collision like this, feel free to reach out to us and schedule a consultation to get your case off the ground.


Speeding on the roadways is one of the primary reasons for accidents in the St. Petersburg area. Unfortunately, these collisions are not always avoidable, as you usually cannot see the perpetrator until it is too late. Having an attorney when speeding is involved is nice as some levels of “speeding” are considered criminal speed. Attorneys know how to deal with this and get you the best outcome. If you have been involved in a collision involving a vehicle moving over the speed limit, contact your attorney to get this process of building your case started.

Disobeying Traffic Law

Driving in the St. Petersburg area can get hectic. With traffic signals changing constantly, you must be cautious when navigating as a new stop sign or unfamiliar red light could end up in a ticket. To fight this, consider picking up an attorney to get these kinds of things dropped and resolved so they do not end up on your record.

Now that you know what to look out for while driving in the St. Petersburg area, consider reaching out to the team at Esposito law firm. to schedule a consultation and get the results you deserve! Hire a car accident lawyer in St Petersburg today!

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