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Looking for a qualified car accident lawyer in Odessa? Here’s what you are going to want to remember. The law offices of Brian J Esposito at Esposito Law offer FREE 24/7 consultations and are here to answer your questions. We specialize in car accident law and have a team built around a lifetime of shared experience, making us the top firm in the Odessa area for a car accident lawyer.

Car accident law can be tricky. You need an area specialist who knows the community and how things operate. Many nationwide/statewide firms lack the individual knowledge of the Odessa area to represent you accurately in court; you can see why this would be a problem. Another problem plaguing many firms is the lack of ability to achieve true financial compensation. What is true financial compensation? This encompasses the full repayment of all your damages; these often include medical bills (both physical and mental) and pay for time missed from work.

1. History of success

When finding legal representation, it is important to read some of their case studies and ensure that they have awarded significant financial compensation to individuals in a similar situation to you. Doing this greatly increases your chances of being successful in your court proceedings. A legal firm with a history like such means they will also be much more receptive to the pain you may be going through after the accident.

2. Low costs with flexible rates

It is important that your counsel is able to meet your needs without overcharging. Typically, a firm giving out free consultations will be willing to listen and hear your situation out in full. These firms have become less common in the last few years but certainly still exist. We offer free consultations for this very reason here at Esposito Law. We understand the financial burden that a car accident places on an individual; we look to lighten that load wherever we can. Hire a qualified car accident lawyer in Odessa.

3. A personable team of professionals

We aim to make Esposito Law an environment for everyone, with kind and receptive staff that understand what kind of discomfort you are going through during a time of such uncertainty. You will find that our team strives to make you feel comfortable throughout the process and any legal proceedings, as well as keeping you as up-to-date as possible.

These are two of the more common forms of a collision on the roads; they are common in areas of high traffic and low visibility, mostly at night. Accidents of this manor are dangerous as they can push you off of the road into the side guards, leading to potential injury for the passengers. Sideswipes can mainly be seen when changing lanes on busy highways. They can be the result of a distracted driver behind the wheel. On the other hand, T-bone collisions can often be seen at night with low visibility. They are also often seen when one party has run a stop sign or red light; both can be used as legitimate arguments in a court of law to award you fiscal compensation.

Any of us who drive in the late hours of the night know the risks of running into a drunk driver. Accidents involving a DUI often have high mortality rates, making them a horrible thing for both parties involved. These cases will usually end up in civil and criminal court, making them a tricky situation that requires a top-tier lawyer to handle.

These often occur on highways and can be tricky to navigate for any lawyer as there are so many parties involved. It is likely that at least one other person involved in the pile-up also has legal representation, so you should strap up and hire one for yourself just in case.

Now that you know what to look for in an Odessa Car Accident lawyer as well as what types of accidents are common in the community so let’s go over a few things…

  1. Even if you are the party at fault, you should still partner up with a lawyer to limit your fiscal damages.
  2. Accidents in the Odessa area have become more common in recent years. Even if you have not been involved in one, it is good to have good legal representation at the ready just in case something ever comes up.
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