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Have you been in a car accident in the Citrus Park area? You need qualified representation ASAP.

Have you recently been in a car accident in the Citrus Park community? Do you need a car accident lawyer in Citrus Park? What could a free consultation with one of the state’s top car accident attorneys, Brian J. Esposito, hurt? With years of experience in all aspects of traffic law, Mr. Esposito and his team of legal experts at Esposito Law are prepared to represent you to the fullest extent.

What does that look like?

Oftentimes, when involved in an accident, you only end up receiving compensation for the damages inflicted on your vehicle. You need to partner up with a firm that knows how to get your medical expenses covered as well as any time missed from work. This ensures that your financial setback is zero. After all, what did you do to deserve this?

Not only is the team at Esposito Law prepared to represent you in times of crisis, but we are also here to prevent any future damages. That is why you need to hire a car accident lawyer in Citrus Park. Even if you have not been involved in a car accident recently, what is the harm in scheduling a free consultation to have your representation secured in case something were to go amuck on the roads?

Being that Citrus Park is so close to the airport as well as many major highways means a few things,

  1. Traffic can get dense, leading to distracted drivers and tight roadways causing accidental collisions. If involved in either of the two situations previously mentioned, don’t wait for the insurance companies to resolve everything. The insurance is only there to maximize their profit while voiding any potential payout to you. You need an attorney who is prepared to fight these insurance companies and their multitude of lawyers. Mr. Esposito and his team have been doing this for years, ensuring his clients are properly paid out when involved in auto collisions.
  1. Daily commuters residing in the Citrus Park area have a significantly elevated chance of being involved in an accident due to its close proximity to the city. To mitigate this risk, schedule a free consultation to avoid being caught without representation when you need to take legal action about an incident that occurred on the roadways.

What kind of accidents are common in the Citrus Park area?

1. Rear-end collisions

These are common as stop-and-go traffic on the highways happens frequently, especially with Citrus Park’s close proximity to the city. Distracted drivers, often weary from little sleep or a cell phone, can be prone to a quick rear-end collision. If you are caught in a situation like this, you should contact your attorney to have the situation assessed from a legal standpoint, even if the damage is minimal.

2. Side-Swipes

With the heavy morning and evening traffic that occurs almost daily, lane changes can lead to horrific accidents. Side-swiping at high speeds is no joke and can easily run someone off of the roads. When this happens, the driver is either incompetent or distracted. Again, even if the damage is minimal, you should get a legal opinion on the matter every time a car accident happens; this mitigates your risk of a surprise lawsuit by the opposing counsel.

3. Semi Truck Related Accidents

Unfortunately, semi-drivers are prone to long hours with little rest, causing some to veer off of the road and cause accidents. These accidents are often lucrative as the trucker is most likely hauling for a company or corporation, this means you are in luck when it comes to getting your due reimbursement.

Here is what to do after a car accident in the Citrus Park area…

  1. Contact your attorney and wait to be seen for a consultation. Proceed to lay out what transpired in detail; if traffic cam footage can back up what you are saying, this helps tremendously.
  1. If your council decides to move forward with the case, you should ask for the police records of the incident to provide your attorney with, which allows the case to be built on more solid ground.
  1. Chart your expenses. You need to know the full extent of the damages to know what kind of number to go after. If you require any kind of medical examination or operation post-accident, make sure to include this as well. Building a full scope and scale of the damages caused by the accident helps your attorney tremendously.

If you have recently been involved in an accident and are unsure of your next steps, reach out to the team here at Esposito Law to schedule your free consultation and get your case off the ground. Our team is prepared to help you in time of crisis and get you the proper reparations to cover the costs incurred both physically and mentally. Our aim is to get you back on your feet and comfortable on the roads once again. Call Esposito Law Firm if you need a qualified car accident lawyer in Citrus Park.