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6 Safety Tips For Night Driving

Night driving is something everyone has to do from time to time and is not quite as easy as driving during the day for most. Certain factors, such as whether you wear glasses, whether your car has new lights, and the area in which you’re driving, can all make driving t night more difficult. Esposito Law Firm cares about your safety and wants you to be safer on the road. That’s why we’ve compiled these tips for safe driving at night: 

A big way to stay safe while driving at night that also goes overlooked far too often is to keep your windshield clean. It is very easy to overlook stains on your windshield and let them build up overtime. A dirty windshield can be extremely dangerous even during the day and at night it can render you visually impaired. 

Another way to remain safe on the road at night is to properly maintain your lights. Faulty lights can heavily impact your ability to see. A light can be on and still be faulty, simply by not being as bright as it should be. Make sure your lights are bright enough and aimed properly. If these steps are followed you should have no issues with your lights.

When driving at night there are often many bright lights all around that can be very blinding. This effect can be eased if you just don’t look into the lights. When a driver has their brights on, it is wise to focus on the white line on the right side of the road. Avoid driving with your brights on as a courtesy to other drivers. 

Driving slower is always a wise decision when driving at night. The darkness is going to heavily impact your vision and reaction time. Slowing down and leaving more space between your car and those in front of you will greatly reduce your chances of getting into an accident. This is especially true on backroads and highways where there is less visibility than in the cities or on the interstates. 

When driving at night, you may need to pull off onto the shoulder. If this happens, it is important that you make yourself seen. Use your emergency lights and any other reflective oEspocts in your possession. By making yourself visible to other drivers, you can drastically reduce your chances of getting in or causing an accident. 

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